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With over 20 years of successful sales experience Marc has regularly achieved outstanding performances over a long period of time during his professional career.

He is polite, respectful and most importantly he will secure a premium price for you!

His down to earth attitude helps him to negotiate the best results on a regular basis, ensuring a prompt and timely sale process.

So if you’re looking for a great real estate agent with outstanding marketing skills, who will listen and understand your individual needs, don’t hesitate to give Marc a call and put his knowledge, experience and negotiation skills to the test!

With 22 years of business banking and office management behind her, Trish is highly motivated and enthusiastic about looking after clients. Her level headed approach ensures all relevant documentation and administration is taken care of.

As a fully qualified real estate agent Trish follows up clients throughout the process to make selling homes as easy as possible.

Trish is responsible for Property Management, booking advertisements and handling trust accounts, pays and other duties.


Remarkable attention to detail and complete thoroughness is what our receptionist Erin provides as a first point of contact.

Her communication skills are simply amazing as she swiftly puts you through to the right person to deal with your enquiry, or to take a brief message.



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