I am writing this testimonial to tell you that I know Marc well as he sold my house in St. Mary’s.

Throughout the whole process (before, during and even after the sale) I always found him to be very pleasant and helpful. I can only speak highly of him. He sold my house after it only being on the market for a couple of weeks and got a good price which I was very pleased with.

Joan Sutherland


To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank Marc and the team for selling my house at Holden Hill recently.

In the past other real estate agents have failed to deliver on promises and the sale process has been frustrating. When my partner and I first interviewed Marc we thought that there is no way that this guy can deliver on the price or time frame he mentioned!

Throughout the selling process Marc gave us advice on how to best present the property, we didn’t entirely agree on everything that he said but we did it anyway…. and it worked.

Within 4 weeks he achieved a price that far exceeded our expectations. The only problem was, we weren’t expecting a result so quickly and had to find a new house!

Beyond selling our house Marc has continued to help us with finding a new property (that he didn’t sell to us). Also he has put us in touch with other fantastic professional property services (such as conveyancers) and offers great general advice whenever needed.

Marc has been a breath of fresh air and I look forward to working with him again in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Josh Norton


My experience with Newman Real Estate was fantastic. The first time I met Marc, he instantly put me at ease with his experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of real estate. He was always willing to spend time explaining how the selling process worked and the best way to go about things.

His suggestions on ways to improve my property prior to selling were spot on. I couldn’t afford to do everything, but the improvements I did made a massive difference to the presentation of the property, which really shone through in the beautiful photographs, glossy brochures and stunning signboard.

Marc’s understanding of the current market and accuracy of setting the starting price range was critical in achieving an amazing result on the very first open inspection. He achieved a fantastic turnout to the first open, and a Letter of Offer was presented to me directly after the open, which resulted in a successful sale.

I was extremely happy with the price I achieved, and selling on the very first open inspection is a vendor’s dream come true. I would highly recommend Newman Real Estate to anyone who is looking for a boutique agency to sell their home rather than one of the large, impersonal real estate companies.

I have recommended Marc to family and friends, and will definitely employ his services again in the future.

Rachel Fraser


To whom it may concern,

Selling a house is a stressful time and Marc has helped and supported us with the sale of two of our properties in Golden Grove and Blair Athol.

We sold both properties after 4-5 weeks on the market and achieved excellent results. During the experience we found him to be highly professional with a great work ethic.

Marc is always available and has helped us to purchase other properties, we have no hesitation in recommending him and will be using him to sell a third property in Golden Grove.

Joe & Mario Carlo


I first met Marc and Trish at an open inspection of a property that my husband John and I were interested in.

We immediately felt comfortable with them as they were open in their welcome and very professional in their attitude. They seemed to be able to talk to each of the buyers individually and yet made everyone feel important.

When I was considering an agent to sell my property, it was not very difficult to decide on Newman Real Estate to sign with. Marc came to our home and we discussed what needed to be done to the property to get the best result. He advised us to move the furniture and set the house in a different way and to our delight when we had done this we liked the house better ourselves! Well done Marc!

Marc made suggestions, some of which I agreed with and others that I didn’t. Although I didn’t agree with everything, I made the decision to listen to him and go with his decisions, the fact that our house sold on the second open (sold in 10 days) shows that he absolutely knows what he is doing! Thank you Marc.

We were feeling a little lazy and thought that what we had done outside on the property was enough. “Not really!” said Marc and he had us cleaning up and preparing the property.

This all sounds very demanding, but the outcome has been worth all of the work, we achieved the price we had hoped for and the time frame we were more than pleased with.

Marc and Trish helped us through the opens and really made us feel like they were not only our agents but our best friends. We have sold quite a few homes in our years and John said he has never had an agent who kept us so informed.

Since the contract has been made Marc kept in touch as much as his busy schedule allowed, right through until the sale went through.

I might add that Marc also helped us when looking at houses to purchase and more than once saved us from making a possible bad choice!

Thank you Marc and Trish!

Yours in friendship,

Anita Taylor


I used Mark to sell my unit in Willunga.

He took care of everything from Marketing to bringing clients through. I was very impressed with his professionalism and he got me a very quick sale at the right price.

Overall I was more than happy with his services and would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Joshua Sutherland



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