The Selling Process

How to sell your home

When selling a property it is important to have an agent provide accurate market feedback and ongoing communication in order for you to make an informed decision.

Our process of reporting keeps you informed every step of the way throughout the selling process. Several factors affect the overall price of a property, the presentation of the home, the type of property it is and the location are the most important factors.

Market conditions and the demand for properties are also extremely influential.

The best way to establish an estimated selling price for your property is to ask an agent for an appraisal to view your property and give their professional opinion.

Our free no-obligation appraisal will be done at a time to suit you and comes with a detailed report on price movements in your local area, demographic profiles and advice on any significant market changes.

You can register your interest by completing the simple appraisal form to the left of this page.

The next choice becomes what method of sale is right for you.


Benefits of selling your property by auction include:

Auctions produce an unconditional contract for sale with a set settlement date. When market conditions are appropriate they can attract more buyers to your property because prospective buyers are not put off by an asking price. The auction date creates a sense of urgency that prevents buyers delaying their decision and lets them know you are serious about selling. You are protected by a reserve price which means your property will not sell unless bidding reaches a previously agreed price. There is no capped pricing, which gives you the opportunity to achieve a price above your expectations.

Private Treaty

Benefits of selling your property by private treaty include:

Fixed pricing or using a price range makes it easier for buyers as they do not need to guess your desired sale price. The pricing can be adjusted throughout the marketing stage, based on qualified buyer feedback and local market conditions. This method of sale is a tried and tested style of selling. It assists buyers to formulate offers that address your desired selling price, which leads to a faster negotiation process. Price ranges used as the selling method can have no more than a 10% variance, for example $300,000 – $330,000.

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