The Buyers Agent

What is a buyer’s agent and what do they do?

Buyer’s Agents are real estate professionals employed to help people find the right property to fill a specific need.

The Buyer’s Agent can be used with company transfers, Investors who purchase on the basis of returns or capital growth, or ordinary people who need help to understand pricing in the current market.

The Buyer’s Agent will provide several property options, then take the buyer to inspect the properties and negotiate the purchase price on the buyer’s behalf (even bidding at auction if applicable).

Using a Buyer’s Agent can cost the buyer a fee, but it saves time looking at properties that are not suitable.

The cost of having a real estate professional to negotiate on your behalf is offset by the savings you gain on a reduced purchase price.

At Newman Real Estate we are happy to act on your behalf as a Buyer’s Agent, just give us a call and we will discuss your specific real estate needs and help you to find the property you are after.


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